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by Brian Cutean QTN

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WELCOME TO THE CELEBRATION Whisper the words waiting in your heart Follow every circumstance and never come apart All I want you to do is to be who you'll be I'll give you every opportunity You can do the same for me Sing out the music you hear deep in the night Sing every catchy melody describing every sight All you ever have to do is to live that dream you see Our lives are changing ever fluidly like the deep and drifting sea So welcome to the celebration as the day goes by Another day drifting busy, another day we try All we can ever hope to do is breathe these changing dreams I hear your music in the air 'round me laughing on a summer breeze
SIMPLEST THING I walk the endless causeway looking for effect I ask a hundred questions to know answers I expect You talk to me with a simple heart, playfully wise and true Sometimes the hardest thing to know is knowing what not to do Oh the day was bright and stars fell in the darkness You showed to me a part of me I thought I'd never see Like the silhouette of something bright looking more you than me It's by the only hearth I have ever warmed – the most beautiful mystery A thousand birds spiral inside a chimney like symmetry in a flower reaching to be moved but not as moved as space between bodies before touch Sometimes the hardest thing to know is knowing not very much I feel my feet upon a whirrld of beauty and of grace I find my best intentions recorded on tape long erased You bring the colour and the rain to a land so parched and dry And sometimes the wisest thing to know is when to cease to try Oh, the day was bright and stars fell in the darkness You showed to me a part I thought might never be Though I walk on these feet connected innside a sphere way out to here –– Still sometimes the simplest thing to do can be the hardest thing to hear Sometimes the simplest thing to do can be the hardest thing to hear
EE-PHA-MEERA BLEU A long life may not be good enough but a good life is long enough So how many lives do you think you're gonna need and who told you satisfaction is guaranteed? Ohhhh –––– Yeah a short life might sound stange but what else can you do when it's time to make that change? You say you know how life is supposed to go I say it all depends on what and who you know Ohhhh –––– Who says you're gone when you go Maybe you're turning on a light just to see what you've been shown Now you came here, there must be so much new to know Or are you coming back for the same old show? Ohhhh –––– Sp––aaaces betw––eeen the words There's tears and hunger and laughter between the chords You can feel a movement resting between the notes Like another aching music around the globe Ohhhh –––– Jumpstart the heart, pick up the pieces Sometimes you shovel a heap before you pile it high You could spend you whole life waiting on that one wild ride Jumbling up everything innside Ohhhh ––––
To Be Done 05:06
TO BE DONE CHORUS To be done, to be done at least until another day's begun until so many birdsongs fill the morningsing unto the sun Another day begins if only to be done I don't know how we got in so deep but it must be true: we've all been asleep Was another burning night reaching to hear the one who listens close and sings with the sun CHORUS That ol moon is blood-red in the sky it's not hard to figure why Was another exhausting day with so many words to say and none of them worth anything anyway Heard a howwl in the heart of the night loud as shirts in a streetcorner fight Just a flash of silver coin and nobody could go on to lay their bodies down at setting of the sun CHORUS People move like a wave of the sea a million run here, two million there trying to flee Once again somehow it all begins with havoc on the head of a pin – tearing holes in the blind ways we’ve been I can't tell what's that smell on the breeze could be crazy flowers or something good to eat Wish we had another timeless day on the hill over by the way listening close and singing with the sun: CHORUS
ON THE HEAVEN OF MY HOURS Laugh with me wildly in the deep of the evening Dance with me close, gently stepping so light Spin me in circles on your breath of bright magic Come with me closer to the edge of the night Fill me with your music moving fully untangled While whispering your private most secreted dream Light me up shining for a reason unspoken Spill me like water on the floor of your scream Pass me your rainbow in a brief reckless wishing Embrace me in silence like a sunset mountain view Wish me a prophet to allow me several glimpses and grant me your sparkle when I've forgotten what to do Build me the thrill of a world to believe in Encircle me with callings unlike any ever seen Cover me with roses on the heaven of my hours and remember me a pupil in the eyes of what's been Then remind me to sing you all these songs I've been saving Collect me in a paper bag and see how much I weigh Steal me from the world at large and broaden my horizons And lift me up higher so I can see the parade I wanna go higher so I can see the parade If you take me on your shoulders I can see the parade...
Elabyrinth 03:14
ELABYRINTH Here we go round and round the labyrinth of the world There's unlimited doors to choose from our grain of sand is becoming pearled I keep thinking I know the reason though the logic escapes my grasp Here we go round and round rounder and ever round Can you tell when you hold a lover your heart has always blossomed true? Can you tell as they're looking behind your eyes you're more beautiful than even you knew? We can sit and swear at the airplanes but that doesn't help them change to birds and I'll write your truth in all I know even if I forget the sound of your words So here we go round and round the labyrinth of the dance learning to leave the trying at the home of untaken chance At the greening of every season no matter what tribe holds your hand, at the center of every emotion we find an ocean of sound returning our pearl to sand...
EVERY BROKEN ♥ Here's to every broken heart, longing to be burning All our daily lives are keeping the world turning turning and learning a little everyday Though it seems so long between signs of improvement There's a definite rhythm and pattern to the movement movement gypsy movement It's a never-ending ride to journey empty-handed Every moment's a surprise like a smile so sweet and candid candid not demanded
MICROBIOLOGIST'S BANQUET All I could ever give you is the freedom of my hope The sound of your effervescence fills the moments of my day If my eyeballs would go missing I could still see your expression in the space between each heartbeat when you take my breath away… Because we've never needed a reason for the sharing of our secrets, we can go home discreetly forever in sparkling union If you told me a thousand oceans and I wasn't prepared to listen to hear you regardless of consequence would be all I could do You're a microbiologist's banquet on an irrepressible junket If all you could tell was the time of day You still wouldn't be alone All I could ever give you is a make-believe peaceful knowing flowing around and showing precisely what we do And if I could only tell you how you always have been knowing, the winds around us blowing would be enough to fill your sails in a moment of confusion with peaceful affirmation, we have too much information to be stifled anymore….
COLOURS ON THE PAGE As we walked up the mountain sun was slipping down And all the clouds clustered toward the sun Breezes were blowing through our hair and our clothes and the words we couldn't speak were sooo many Heirogyphic fossils shined in a bronze light of new evening and the sound of shoescuffle through gravel was a language allll its own Planes roared through cities in another frame of mind and rice was more ice cream than we ever hoped we'd find Oh, we flew off that mountain in the last light shards of day All the clouds ran together like colours on the page...
We're Here 05:00
WE'RE HERE We're here because we need some time to define "peace of mind" Our everydays are filled with ways we hope someday to find and every room is another drifting tune we've always longed to sing out loud and every masqerade we wished we could've played is like a voice lost in the crowd laughing out loud... We're here because our lives have grown past the stage of empty rage Our every thought is another borrowed book we thumb each tattered page Just a turning of the cards and history unfolds – another windswept cloudy day and passing from the shore, a craft is sailing out to sea ... once held at bay We're here to give the best that we can give and to forgive the way we sometimes live Here to look in each other's eyes, to see a higher rise like such a wise, mirror surprise In the breath we all still share there's motion everywhere Particles dancing in the waves The pulsing of our sun keeps the planets on the run No matter what statues are engraved, nothing needs to be saved We're here Here


released January 28, 2022

All songs written by Brian Cutean © and ℗ 2022, BMI.
Brian's guitar made by Bayard Blain, BayardGuitars.com
Recorded August 13, 2021 at Gung Ho Studio, Eugene OR
and mixed by Bill Barnett.
Mastered at Sky Onion Studio by Gus Elg.
Front cover photo by Lunchbox: radboxent.com
Back cover photo by Dana Herms.
Album design by Kimm Still, Lampadina Design.


all rights reserved



Brian Cutean QTN Oregon

Brian Cutean/QTN, Oregon songpoet and wordsmith musician, writes songs with offbeat and touching lyrical observations on the socialography of the human condition. He has performed with spirit and whimsy all over these United States for many years.

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